The tournament

"Even in school I went out jumping in the breaks"

2018-11-22 · 15:30

Johann André Forfang answers our Four Hills Questionnaire, sharing why he almost missed his first ever Tournament, what he spent his childhood with and whom to call after a successful Four Hills Tournament.

1) Favourite jump at the 4 Hills Tournament:

My favourite hill is Innsbruck or maybe Garmisch. Hard to pick one. 

2)My first 4 Hills Tourament memory:

My first time in the 4 hills, Bardal and myself were stuck at the airport in Norway for a long time because of heavy snow fall. So we barely made it to the quali. I remember getting out of the car in my jeans, stressed out if I could get warm and change in time to qualify. End of story was that I made it.

3) This is how I found my way into ski jumping:

My brother was jumping and I watched him compete von TV when I was quite young. I was dreaming of one day being able to do the same.

4) My first ever training went like this: 

I had lots of fun ski jumping when I was a kid. I did it all day every day during the winter. Even in school I went out jumping in the breaks.

5) My ski jumping idol in childhood days:

My brother. And Simon Ammann. And Malysz. And Jacobsen.

6) My favourite ski jumping memory:

My first world cup victory probably. Amongst many others of course.

7) My ritual before every competition:

I don't think I have any rituals other than my warming up routines.

8) If I wouldn't have been a ski jumper this would be my career today:

Probably making videos of some sort.

9) Me 20 years from now:

I'll probably be making videos or something. 

10) I I could I would build my personal jump here:

TROMSØ. I promise, all of you would love it there. 

11) After a successful 4 Hills Tourament the first thing I will do is...

Call my grandpa. For sure. 

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