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"Well, of course I'd like to win every single competition"

2018-11-14 · 10:48

Andreas Wellinger about his life as an Olympic Champion, trips to the USA and his ideal image of the new season.

Andi, how different is life as an Olympic Champion? 

I get spotted on the road more frequently than before. I see this as a priviledge – being allowed to embody our sport in this way. I was also very impressed by the official reception of my ski club after Olympia. There was plenty of little children who looked at me with big eyes – it's not that long ago that I was walking in their shoes, looking up to the winners of that time. It's incredible!


Isn't there a certain danger of thinking no end of oneself? 

This Olympia title is something that noone can ever take away from me for the rest of my career – but it hasn't changed me as a person. I can rely on those who surround me. My family and my coaches don't mince matters, they will say: "If you act like this again, you'll be in trouble". That keeps me down-to-earth (laughs). 


Still, this title has been a lot to process, hasn't it? 

Yes! At some point after the Olympic Games I realized that my head was completely full with all those experiences. In March, jumping wasn't as easy as it had been before. After the end of the season I went on vacation to Mexico. Not having to think about ski jumping for some time was a relief.

And after that, you went on an US-tour with the footballers of FC Bayern München...

Yeah, being a fan of sports in general and of Bayern in special that was an amazing thing. Of course, considering the surroundings, football and ski jumping are located on two totally different planets. But it was fascinating to see how the athletes organize their days in a way that allows them to always show 110 percent on the pitch. Let's take Arjen Robben as an example: The amition he works with – in his career he has won almost everything but he wants to do that again each and every season.


Did you tell your team mates about those experiences? 

Yes, I held a little speech. I didn't want to go into too much detail but then there was some questions and before I knew I had talked 45 minutes away (laughs). 


And how do you picture the new season?

How I'd like to picture it? Well, of course I'd love to win every single competition. But I can put your mind at ease, that is never going to happen (laughs). All joking aside: I would like to start the season right off with some good jumps and be able to show my best performances on the season highlights. It's always the same old story: Everyone wants to win but at the end there can only be one. For me, it's about finding the courage and the effortlessness. 

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