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Freund plans his comeback for Kuusamo

2018-11-12 · 12:05

After more than 1,5 years of injury time Severin Freund plans to come back into the German Team for the second World Cup of the season.

This is what he stated during an interview for the German television Sunday night. We have talked to him too, asking him about his way back from injury and his predicted season highlight:


Severin, how did it feel coming back after a break of almost two years? 

I was so looking forward to the first jump. I dreamt about it more than once. I mean, I've been doing this sport for what? - 24 years? No wonder I've missed it.


After all, it had been the second injury in a row: It was not that obvious you'd fight your way back! 

Directly after the injury I had the feeling that this has not been it yet. Of course, that gave me a lot of energy. The fun and the joy for competitive sports are an incredible stimulus.


And then, how was it, your first jump? All the old automatisms still in place? 

Yes, the body records those for good. Of course, my first jump was not the best I had even made. But it was a feeling very much like coming home. Everything was so familiar. 


Still, it's a long way back, even from here... 

Yes, those two years did not pass me by without a trace. Und the other jumpers weren't exactly sitting around, doing nothing, either. The jumps have continued to become faster while I was away. That being said, I believe I am still able to compete because my jump has always been one of the rather fast ones.


Will we see you back at your best for the Four Hills Tournament?

I have to admit that the Four Hills Tournament is not really my main focus this season. It just takes place too early. Of course, everything can go fairly quick in ski jumping but I assume I will need time to adapt back to competitions. This is why the peak in my comeback plans is not the Tournament but the World Cup. 

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