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Legends Talk: The official #4hills podcast

2024-01-04 · 22:48

Episode five: The famous "Legends Talk" with Sven Hannawald, Martin Schmitt and Gregor Schlierenzauer.

Victory in Innsbruck for Austria's Jan Hörl ahead of Japan's Ryoyu Kobayashi and Hörl's ÖSV colleague Michael Hayböck. Kobayashi - who also came second in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen - takes over the tour lead before the exciting duel in the Epiphany competition in Bischofshofen.

The Legends Talk will be fun and highly interesting, with a few surprises.

Gregor Schlierenzauer reveals his observations about tall jumpers with short upper bodies, about mental strength, "jumping patterns", golf and "neuronal pathways", especially before Bischofshofen, gives Schmitti and Hanni a drink and demands the tour wild card.

Sven Hannawald wonders about the Slovenian team, analyzes Halvor Egner Granerud and the Norwegians, tips his hat to Simon Amman and draws comparisons to racing, praises "Professor" Martin and motivates him to get involved in promoting young talent.

Martin Schmitt is fully music-oriented this time, reveals what Janne Ahonen and Mariah Carey have in common, once again demonstrates meticulous attention to detail (regarding the choice of music in Innsbruck, especially one song), is happy about the cool fans and remembers his 'younger self'.

With a lot of humor, but also first-class professional analysis. The three find a surprising common ground that initiated Gregor's ski jumping career and discuss the best hits for their playlists - maybe we'll get them.


Oh well, and even Gregor is keeping his fingers and feet crossed for... Andreas Wellinger!!!

They/we all agree on one thing - THANK YOU to all of you, the fans, who create a great atmosphere and goosebumps on the ski jumps!


All three are actively involved in promoting young talent:

Martin Schmitt is a DSV talent scout.,3238.html


Sven Hannawald has even set up a foundation:


The donation account is:

Stadtsparkasse München

DE50 7015 00001005 3450 02



The official podcast of the Four Hills Tournament 2023/2024 - powered by Jensen Media.

Exclusive interviews and information about ski jumping directly from Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Patenkirchen, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen.

We talk WITH jumpers and officials, not just about them: Athletes, coaches, officials and ski jumping legends have their say!

Inga Stracke, who reports directly from the outrun for over 120 radio stations, talks to the jumpers, coaches, ski jumping legends, tour press manager Ingo Jensen and many more.

Host: Inga Stracke

Have fun listening!

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